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The advantage of human resources makes it easier for enterprises to recruit talents.

Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone is a hot spot for talent inflows in the country. Ningbo is the most developed vocational and technical education city in China. There are more than 60 vocational and technical colleges (four in HBNZ), with an annual graduate population of about 80,000.

There are currently 7 institutes in HBNZ that provide effective protection for the introduction of high-level talents. Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone Automobile College is jointly established by Ningbo Institute of Technology and Shanghai Tongji University. The college is state-owned and is a secondary school of Chinese-foreign cooperation under the jurisdiction of Ningbo Institute of Technology. The Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone Automobile College will integrate the existing school resources of the Ningbo Institute of Technology, and jointly run with Tongji University, the University of Lunrich, Germany and the University of Applied Sciences of Esslingen.


Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone has a sufficient number of high-quality human resources. In addition, there are two vocational and technical schools, including Cixi Vocational Technical School and Ningbo Dahongying Vocational and Technical College, which can meet the needs of investors to train and recruit employees.

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