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All national banks set up branches in HBNZ, most of which are concentrated in Financial Street, and established a fast international financial settlement system, which can provide enterprises with international settlement and financing guarantee.

There are a number of venture capital investment companies, and international fund companies to provide investment and financing service, and investment convenience and cooperation for domestic listed companies.

Insurance, investment consulting, law firms, accounting firms, media agencies and other institutions are all available, creating a good business atmosphere for investors with high-quality service awareness and modern business philosophy.

Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone is building Ningbo Hangzhou Bay International Business and Leisure City with the theme of health, entertainment and leisure. The HBNZ government comprehensively promoted the construction of Ningbo International Business and Leisure City in accordance with the objectives of “Northern Ningbo Center and South Shanghai New City”. Here, we will build an international gateway city to Shanghai, Zhejiang small “Pudong” and one international modern service industry highland.

Hangzhou Bay Financial Street